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Espionage roleplaying action set in an ongoing cold war  - forged in the dark

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5 Minutes to Midnight is a game powered by Blades in the Dark about a crew of spies, trying to  disrupt the balance of power in a modern cold war. They will have to stand strong in the face of their vicious opposition and handle a fragile web of untrustworthy informants, devious intrigues and deadly lies.

We play to find out if our agents can thrive in the cutthroat world of espionage. While the public may never know about their impact, their actions shape the political landscape and outcome of conflict. Will the players prevent the outbreak of a global disaster and use their influence to create a better future? Will they attempt to send the opposing bloc into a turmoil and establish a lasting hegemony? Or will their actions lead the world down a path of war and nuclear destruction?

  • A new system for creating your own political landscape, the goals of your factions and the international crisis your players will face
  •  A toolbox to create your own 2020 cold war Berlin
  •  New playbooks (like the Uniform, the Tux or the Trenchcoat) and mechanics (for example: Intel, Doomsday Clock) for your characters, crew and world
  • Modified rules for Pay-Out, Downtime and Entanglements, which tie into the Doomsday Clock and Crisis systems
  • 64 pages of unique content, 6 playbooks

The 5MtM is a passion project born from my life-long love of roleplaying games and spy fiction. All donations will be used to improve the visuals (art, layout, revamped and fully functional form-fillable playbooks) of the game. 

Updated 27 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
AuthorOliver S
GenreRole Playing
Tagscoldwar, forged-in-the-dark


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